Staying in touch via Technology and Parent/Carer Tips

On-Going Portfolios

Throughout each term, Tightrope Learning will be collecting data and evidence of your child's learning and development to show growth and goal achievement. This will be a beautiful keepsake memory of your child's time at Tightrope Learning. It will also be a useful tool when meeting your child's Kindergarten teacher/s for the first time.

Written Report

At the completion of your child's final Tightrope Learning year, you will receive a report of what your child has been taught, what they achieved and a "Where to from here" recommendation section to pass onto your child's Kindergarten teacher/s.

Seesaw App


Seesaw is a free App for students, teachers and parents to use. It is a simple way for your child and our teachers to record and share what is being taught and learnt during the Tightrope Learning sessions. It introduces children to a digital way of documenting their learning, show creativity and use technology. The children are given their own journal and add to it each session, including photos, videos, drawings, voice recordings and notes. Families are then able to immediately comment back and forth, engaging in and celebrating in the learning process.

Parent Tips

Parents often ask how they can assist their child at home. Tightrope Learning also teaches parents and carers practical ways to teach your child various concepts at home, using everyday household materials as resources. Keeping up with the methods which teachers use at school is vital when it's time for homework so as to keep everything consistent and familiar to your child.

Take Home Packs

After your child has been initially assessed and a program has been set, your child may have needs which could be practised at home before attending the next week's session. Whether it be in Literacy, Numeracy, a Fine Motor or Social skill, a take home pack with instructions and resources may be taken home for the week, practiced and then returned for another child to use.