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Passionate, dedicated, and endearing Tightrope Learning teachers, teacher's aides and tutors love their work and it shows in everything they do. Our goal is to extend the amazing work of Preschools into the Kindergarten Classroom.



Director & Head Teacher

Mary-Ellen began her Primary School career in 1993. In her 28 years of experience, she has taught all grades K-6, but her passion and expertise has been with Infants. Her most rewarding years were with Kindergarten, of which she has 7 years experience. 

Over the past 5 years, Mary-Ellen has been placed in Year One and has noticed a growing number of children who have slipped through the gaps, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy. She acknowledges that many parents now work full-time and so the stress of managing a job as well as a household, leaves limited time for homework as well as reading and counting with little ones.

Having had 3 children herself, Mary-Ellen has seen the shift in the number of children who are entering school unprepared. She worked in a preschool for a year before returning after her final maternity leave. Mary-Ellen applauds the work of preschools and their amazing school readiness programs. She has witnessed first hand how effective these school readiness programs are and has implemented them herself. "While these programs are effective for the children who choose to participate in them, there are some children who would still rather not participate and so choose not to, missing out on the basic skills of Kindergarten readiness."

Mary-Ellen believes there needs to be an extension of what preschool does so well. Tightrope Learning does just that. "This program is not only for the children who may not be quite ready for school, but also for the children who may need to be further challenged."