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Little Learner's Packs

Miss Mary-Ellen at Home

Tightrope Learning is so excited to be giving parents the opportunity to help their child prepare for school in the comfort of their own home.


Due to lockdown, so many pre-school children around Australia have missed out on the opportunities to ready themselves for school.


This is why I’ve decided to take Tightrope Learning and make it available to you in your homes, Australia wide.


“Miss Mary-Ellen at Home” is a holistic learning program that works with all aspects of your child’s development. Our teaching methods encourage kids to grow into the best little versions of themselves, ready for ‘big school’. We believe that emotional health and confidence is just as important as cognitive ability. Our activities ensure the happy little learner in your child flourishes.

Here's How it Works

Each week, All activities arrive at your home ready to use (re-use!), in colour and laminated!


Your child also receives access to a interactive video lesson where Miss Mary-Ellen will be using the activity sheets WITH your child! 


No fuss, easy learning so you can sit and have a coffee! 


How much are the Packs?


You can choose to purchase the packs week by week for $30 per week OR you can purchase the COMPLETE 10 week Bundle for $250. That’s a saving of $50! As an ADDED BONUS, if you purchase the Bundle, you receive FREE SHIPPING!


Our little Learner Packs provide ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN! 🥰🏡


What the Packs Include

  • A Literacy Activity

  • A Numeracy Activity

  • A Fine Motor Activity 

  • A Mindfulness Activity

  • A fun, interactive, step-by-step video which children watch, follow and learn WITH Miss Mary-Ellen.  



The Home Learning Pack Bundle includes the following Weekly Themes:


  • Rainbows       PRE-ORDER  delivery from Sept 27

  • Bugs               PRE-ORDER  delivery from Oct 4

  • Fairytales.      PRE-ORDER  delivery from Oct 11

  • Halloween.    PRE-ORDER  delivery from Oct 18

  • Superheros.   PRE-ORDER delivery from Oct 25

  • Unicorns.       PRE-ORDER  delivery from Nov 1

  • Camping.       PRE-ORDER  delivery from Nov 8

  • Summer.        PRE-ORDER  delivery from Nov 15

  • Gingerbread. PRE-ORDER  delivery from Nov 22

  • Christmas.     PRE-ORDER delivery from Nov 29

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