A Holistic Approach

At Tightrope Learning our Philosophy is to:​

  • Provide a safe, happy and engaging environment where your child feels a sense of belonging and achievement.

  • Allow your child to celebrate their individual differences.

  • Foster relationships with other children which are respectful and accepting, allowing them to fully engage in learning.

  • Develop and reinforce positive social and classroom behaviour.

  • Identify individual children's needs and set specific goals which will nurture and value their full potential.

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop a positive mindset to celebrate successes and persevere with challenges.

  • Develop respectful relationships with families from a diverse range of cultural and language backgrounds, allowing them to communicate their own personal goals for their child.

  • Implement a learning program which educates the whole child, underpinned by both the NSW School Curriculum and the Authentic Learning in the Early Years Statement.

  • Employ a team of highly qualified teachers who all share a love of children and desire to allow them to be as ready for school as they possibly can be.

Tightrope Learning Teachers are selected for their experience, their ability to engage and stimulate learning as well as their nurturing and caring qualities for children at this age.