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Kids Blowing Bubbles


Children need to:

  • Cope with school - they need to have self-confidence and have a positive self-image.

  • Have communication skills - they need to be confident, verbal communicators as well as effective listeners, understanding and comprehending conveyed messages.

  • Follow instructions - they need to understand and follow simple and multiple step directions.

  • Be able to concentrate and focus - they need to build stamina at staying on and completing tasks in a given time.

  • Be independent learners - they need independence around tasks such as toileting, taking care and responsibility for their belongings. They also need to be confident in contributing to class discussions and know when to ask for assistance.

  • To have social skills - they need to recognise and regulate their emotions, They need to co-operate, be patient, take turns, verbalise their thoughts and share.

Is my Child Ready for Kindy?: Our Mission
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