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Updated: Aug 15, 2023

“Play is the way the child learns what no one can teach them” (Franz, 1963).

Play is a primary occupation which children participate in throughout their years of development. Play provides a quality of life and meaning.

Tightrope Learning strives to deliver play which develops skills across the child’s social skills, communication skills, self-regulation, and gross and fine motor skills.

Tightrope Learning children playing with parachute in classroom
Tightrope kiddies enjoying their time in the classroom

Our curriculum provides an interactive and engaging space which include educationally-based resources that align with the needs of each child as they play.

Tightrope Learning encourages all types of play:

  • Solitary Play (repetitive and functional)

  • Parallel Play (alongside but no shared play)

  • Associative Play (play with each other but not organised)

  • Co-operative Play (social, formation of group identity, role-play), and

  • Competitive Play (games with external rules).

These play categories were derived from Smilansky (1968) and Parton’s (1938) whom state that play is categorised to sequence a child’s development as they transition into their youth and adolescent years by practising adult behaviours and cultural roles.

About OT Tuesday and the author, Elly Rooney.

Our very own Elly Rooney is currently studying Occupational Therapy at The Australian Catholic University.

Elly has been a part of the Tightrope Learning Team now for 4 years and has built such beautiful relationships with the children and their families. Her passion for what she does, coupled with her genuine love of children, has directed her focus towards Paediatric OT.

Elly Rooney teacher at Tightrope Learning and author of OT Tuesday
OT Tuesday Author: Elly Rooney

Elly is an absolute gift to Tightrope Learning. She brings along a wealth of fresh knowledge and resources and works closely with all the children in her care.

Elly has now decided to write a blog for us each week, to be known as “OT Tuesday”. Be sure to read this each week to learn more about how to help your own special little one.

The content of this post is for general purposes only. Always seek individual guidance from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition you may have.

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