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What Do 4 & 5 Year Olds Do At Tightrope Learning?

Being 4 & 5 is all about building upon some basic social skills which have led these littlies to make some friendships. By now these kiddos may recognise and gravitate towards children who are like minded or share similar interests. They are driven by more complex activities and explore tasks with a different purpose. This mindset can sometimes be challenging for parents and other carers. The greatest challenge for the 4 & 5 year olds is co-operation in group settings and independent tasks.

Getting 4 and 5 year olds ready for school

Tightrope Learning recognises that “play” is still the vital foundation for this age group to learn. Without context being meaningful to the child, learning becomes less stimulating, leading to a lack of motivation. Our aims and goals include total enjoyment of learning from our little ones throughout every class they attend.

The 4 & 5 year olds require lots of hands-on experiences which teach language, numeracy and most importantly, social skills. Children at this age often show sympathy for other children in distress and are able to engage in conversations which include asking and answering questions. It is the time to start the transition to the next chapter in their little lives…BIG SCHOOL!

4 and 5 year old teaching at Tightrope Learning

  • By providing activities which encourage taking turns and sharing.

  • By allowing lots of dramatic or make-believe play, including opportunities to dress-up. Construction building with a variety of materials is also included in our structured play time.

  • By modelling correct speech and grammar during whole-group, small group and one-on-one time. We want them to be able to tell us the letters in their name and the sounds they make. This will help as they prepare to read. Some 4 & 5 year olds may be starting to read words, so will be continuing to develop these skills for them.

  • By counting up to 20 or more and continuing to focus on one-to-one correspondence. We want these kids to be telling us what one more and one less of a number is as we start to add and take objects away from a group. These kiddos will also be copying patterns of up to 10 pieces and creating their own patterns using blocks, beads, lego etc.

  • By allowing children to express complex emotions during our Social Skills time.

  • By transitioning some children from writing in upper case letters to lower case letters. They will be drawing continuous lines, both straight and curved. These littlies will also be copying letters, numbers and shapes.

  • By encouraging children to sit and complete tasks as well as pack up before moving onto something new.

  • By continuing to develop fine motor skills, especially cutting with scissors and using glue.They will be using play dough, cutting play dough, cutting and tearing paper and using hole punchers…all these activities which will continue to develop their grip strength in preparation for writing.

  • By modelling and encouraging the children to use a pencil in a dynamic tripod grasp with good control.

  • By providing gross motor activities which promote climbing, using steps, hopping, jumping, bending, a variety of ball games and sitting with legs crossed.

  • By ensuring that toilet and hygiene skills are being carried out correctly. The children are always encouraged to independently open, pack away small containers and close their lunch box and drink bottle. They should be able to dress themselves and perhaps be starting to learn to tie their own shoes. These are important skills as when they are in a class of 25-30 with one teacher, there isn’t often time to get the help they need.

  • By immersing these kiddos in rich, diverse literature which will promote a love for reading. Teaching them to retell and sequence their favourite stories in order, using pictures. At this age, we work on rhyming. This is a great way to prepare for reading and writing.

  • By continuing to set individual goals so as to fully develop each child into their full potential.

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