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Yoga Baby!

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The way in which a child enters the classroom more often than not indicates to their teacher how that child is going to perform during that block of learning. If the child hasn't enough sleep, eaten a good breakfast, or has had an incident on the playground during recess or lunch, their learning will ultimately being affected.

Not all children enter the classroom ready to learn. Unless we take a few minutes to prepare them, what we attempt to teach can often be wasted. Just 5 minutes out of the academic schedule to allow the mind and body to settle and focus, can make the difference between information being retained or lost.

Tightrope Learning aims to have every ounce of what the children are taught, to be remembered and developed. Beginning each session with 5 minutes of Yoga is the perfect way for the children to relax, let go of what is outside, be aware of their little minds and bodies, and focus.

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