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FAIRYTALES - Home Learning Pack (Weekly Purchase Edition)

FAIRYTALES - Home Learning Pack (Weekly Purchase Edition)


Looking for fun, no-fuss, pre-school activities all about F A I R Y T A L E S?

ORDER NOW: Delivery from Oct 11


This pack will take your child far and beyond a land of castles, magic and dragons as they explore their learning!


These laminated, re-usable, ready-to-use activity sheets are all about learning to:


  • count items on a fairytale storyboard using a tens frame
  • find and cover a magical sound
  • use play dough to make shapes hiding in the castles 


This pack includes access to a fun and engaging, teacher lead interactive video lesson which your child can follow to maximise their learning and fun.


Just unpack the activity sheets and let the M A G I C begin!


What parents are saying:


"You are amazing! Thank you for your help." - Sharon


"We are so excited to start this pack. Bring on my HOT coffee" - Claire

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