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What do 2 Year olds do at Tightrope Learning?

Being 2 is all about getting into EVERYTHING! It’s the age where little ones see and want to touch. It’s the age where they appear to annoy their older siblings by destroying their favourite drawing, knocking down the building of blocks that took soooo long to build and feeling the need to dump the entire contents of any container they can get their little hands on. It’s also the age that littlies hear the word, “NO!” the most often.

Tightrope Learning recognises that 2 year olds are challenging, but are at a beautiful age to soak up learning at the same time. Read on to find out why you should choose us to best prepare your little one for school.


  • By providing tonnes of sensory activities which allow the child to put their little hands deep into different textures and be encouraged to express their sensations through facial expressions and words or sounds.

  • By developing gross motor skills where we give them their own space to build, knock down and then rebuild large blocks.

  • By developing social skills through dress up and pretend play experiences, encouraging them to talk to and interact with the 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Here, they learn to line up and wait their turn.

  • By talking about colours, shapes and sizes as we sort, group and count objects together.

  • By developing early reading strategies through a love of books. We read to them… LOTS & LOTS! Having the children act out stories, use musical instruments and turn pages of big books.

  • By developing their pre-writing skills as they scribble with crayons and paint with thick brushes and sponges.

  • By building their little hand muscles through activities which include paper tearing, using tongs, taking off and replacing lids on textas and glue sticks.

  • By teaching the littlies how to pack up through sorting and looking at labels. Teaching them to work with others and cooperate to achieve a task.

  • Finally, by encouraging manners, looking at people when they speak and listen, regulating their emotions and using people’s names when they greet and say goodbye.

Tightrope Learning allows 2 year olds to experience all of the above, preparing them for both school and general life. If you are considering enrolling your little one into a school readiness program in the Sutherland Shire, Tightrope is the place to go.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our welcoming classroom. We'd love to see you!

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