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What do 3 year olds do at Tightrope Learning?

Being 3 is all about wanting to explore and ask questions….a MILLION of them! It is the age to explore through all 5 senses and discover how and why things work. Children at the age of 3 test boundaries and experiment limits. They build high towers and knock them over, unaware of their surroundings. Everything belongs to them and is theirs only. Three is the age where educators find it a challenge to have kiddos work together, be aware of others and follow directions.

Tightrope Learning recognises that 3 year olds are living such a beautiful life at this age, filled with new experiences that all seem like a big adventure. If you are thinking 'why choose us', this article will give you a strong insight into the many benefits our teaching methods can provide for your little one.

How does Tightrope Learning Teach 3 Year olds

  • By developing their numeracy skills through counting, at least to 10. The children are exposed to lots of numbers in order to match them to a group of objects. We ask them to count objects, matching one object at a time as they count. We want the kids to not just be able to count, but tell us how many objects are in a group.

  • By building their literacy skills through allowing the children to see their names, written in lower and uppercase….all around the room. We want them to be able to identify the letters in their names. We also encourage the kiddos to tell us the names of letters and their sounds during our Journal Writing time. All of this exposure to letters and sounds will be the foundation to have them prepare for reading.

  • By introducing the children to sorting - lots of things like colours, shapes, toys, blocks and various other items related to our weekly theme.

  • By continuing that rich, fun sensory play which involves a variety of fine motor activities. These activities are super important for their little finger and hand strength as well as catering to their imagination and exploration.

  • By nurturing the children’s pre-writing skills by having them work in their Fine Motor Journals, drawing horizontal and diagonal lines. Some children at this stage may even be ready to draw circles. Having the kiddos work on these lines, will lead to them being able to recreate letters and eventually build words.

  • Like our 2 year olds, we continue teaching the littlies how to pack up through sorting and looking at labels. Teaching them to work with others and cooperate to achieve a task.

  • By encouraging manners. Teaching them to look at people when they speak and listen, modelling using people’s names when they greet them and say goodbye. Encouraging them to use the words “please” and “thank you”, and regulating their emotions by inviting them to calm down in their own space and allowing other children to do the same.

Tightrope Learning allows 3 year olds to experience all of the above, preparing them for both school and general life. If you are considering enrolling your little one into a school readiness program in the Sutherland Shire, Tightrope is the place to go.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our welcoming classroom. We'd love to see you!

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