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“Each time that you help your children go from a dysregulated back to a regulated state, you are wiring their brains (and nervous systems) for regulation, creating the neural pathways for them to be able to self-regulate in the future, a skill that they will use throughout their life” - Becky Towery

To be able to ‘self-regulate’ we must learn to control our internal systems which involve our energy levels, emotions, behaviours and attention.

For a child navigating the big world around them, this can be confronting and at times difficult to achieve. This is because self-regulating isn’t something we are inherently born with - it's a skill we need to be taught!

Tightrope Learning recognises this by offering a ‘safe, calm space’ where children are made to feel comfortable to try and regulate their systems within a controlled environment. This is achieved through:

  • Wellness sensory tub

  • ‘Downtime’ through story time

  • Music

  • Offering children to move into the ‘little space’ (a stimulated space full of different visuals, colours & textures)

  • Mindfulness colouring in

A key philosophy Tightrope Learning members encapsulate across each interaction with the children is acknowledging that when we as adults recognise our own feelings during the child’s meltdown, it’s often the same as the child is feeling. Once we are on the same feeling spectrum we tend to regulate each other. This is known as ‘co-regulation’ which lays the important foundations for healthy self-regulation in the future.

So why is self-regulation an important skill?

When children learn the skills of self-regulation, they are more likely to develop resistance in managing difficulties and life stressors which may appear as they grow. This will set them up to be able to better manage the impact of these stressors so that they can live happy and healthy lives.

About OT Tuesday and the author, Elly Rooney.

Our very own Elly Rooney is currently studying Occupational Therapy at The Australian Catholic University.

Elly has been a part of our team now for 4 years and has built such beautiful relationships with the children and their families. Her passion for what she does, coupled with her genuine love of children, has directed her focus towards Paediatric OT.

Tightrope team member Elly Rooney
OT Tuesdays Author: Elly Rooney

Elly is an absolute gift to Tightrope Learning. She brings along a wealth of fresh knowledge and resources and works closely with all the children in her care.

Elly has now decided to write a blog for us each week, to be known as “OT Tuesday”. Be sure to read this each week to learn more about how to help your own special little one.

The content of this post is for general purposes only. Always seek individual guidance from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition you may have.

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