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“Achieving stability, balance and independent mobility is an important landmark in children’s development… their brain, body, and experiences making a continually self-organising dynamic system driving the progression of skills” (Thelen, 1995).

Postural stability plays an important role in your child’s ability to participate in their everyday occupations. A child who has some difficulties maintaining correct posture may experience difficulties in school-related tasks, particularly when seated on the floor, up at their table or when engaging with their peers. It is therefore important to provide a child opportunities to feel safe and comfortable so that they may be able to engage to their fullest.

At Tightrope Learning, we ensure that the kiddies are given opportunities to move through a range of different positions and postures to increase their sitting and attention tolerance, as well as find their likes and dislikes within a safe, controlled environment.

We practise sitting cross-legged on the floor, sitting upright at the table in a chair, moving through different gross motor positions, and self-feeding at the table or floor during snack time. Sometimes, we may need to look at adapting the environment or the task itself to better suit the postural stability and needs of each child. For example, for our younger, aged 2-3 kids, we utilise smaller chairs, reposition visual stimuli to meet their eye level, and encourage use of smaller working stations so that they can be comfortable in completing tasks. In a similar way, we accommodate these needs for our older kids.

Providing these opportunities for children to practise these skills is important as they transition successfully into big school. Our team aim to have them comfortable and safe within their own bodies to attend to tasks, and perform happily in school.

About OT Tuesday and the author, Elly Rooney.

Our very own Elly Rooney is currently studying Occupational Therapy at The Australian Catholic University.

Elly has been a part of our team now for 4 years and has built such beautiful relationships with the children and their families. Her passion for what she does, coupled with her genuine love of children, has directed her focus towards Paediatric OT.

Tightrope team member Elly Rooney
OT Tuesdays Author: Elly Rooney

Elly is an absolute gift to Tightrope Learning. She brings along a wealth of fresh knowledge and resources and works closely with all the children in her care.

Elly has now decided to write a blog for us each week, to be known as “OT Tuesday”. Be sure to read this each week to learn more about how to help your own special little one.

The content of this post is for general purposes only. Always seek individual guidance from your healthcare professional regarding any medical condition you may have.

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